Leading experts in medical, academic, or clinical research choose PEMF technology to ensure maximum precision, quality, and reliability when conducting rigorous studies. PEMF products are stellar in their usability and advanced modifiability, topping the demanding standards of scientific research, clinical trials, and performance testing.

Igor Jerman, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia studied at the Biology Department of the Biotechnical Faculty in 1980. In 1982, he obtained his master’s degree from the same Department, and in 1984, defended his doctoral dissertation dealing with the problems of emergentist and holistic biological theories. He went on to complete postdoctoral studies at the Open University in England, where he studied biological structuralism and bioelectromagnetics under the mentorship of prof. Brian Goodwin and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho in the years 1985/6 and 1989. In 1987, he became an assistant professor in the field of theoretical biology at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana.

In 1993, Dr. Jerman was promoted to the status of an associate professor in the same professional field, and in 1999, he became a full professor. His lectures comprised theoretical biology, evolution, ethics of science, and bioelectromagnetics. In addition to his educational work, he is one of the founders of the BION Institute.

At BION Institute, Dr. Jerman works as a professional leader since its beginning in 1990 and as the director (CEO) since 2015. In the field of science, he focuses on bioelectromagnetic research concerning the detection of weak emissions from organisms and the influence of various magnetic fields on organisms. He has an extensive international and domestic scientific bibliography and is an invited speaker for conferences concerning bioelectromagnetics and new water science.

Visit the institute’s website at www.bion.si/en/.

PEMF is one of the most user-friendly, non-invasive, FDA-approved, scientifically proven, and safe-to-use technologies. Some countries, including the US and Canada, have officially approved PEMF as an effective treatment for cancer, depression, anxiety, migraine, and even other medical conditions. With this much potential, why is PEMF still so unknown?

We began a mission to bring PEMF into our homes and make this marvelous technology accessible to everyone. Our preliminary research revealed a huge potential for improvement and upgrade, which is when we realized PEMF could be the start of a great new journey.

MDCN Technologies, Inc. is a company focusing on innovation and development of PEMF technology. Our research is presented all over the world, and our devices have already helped thousands of people to live healthier, sleep better, cope with chronic pain, and gain control over their lives. Over the years, we have assembled an ambitious team of 15+ experts in various fields, introducing both www.omnipemf.com and www.petspemf.com.

We are open to cooperation from all research organizations and technology companies that fit in our scope. Our development program lets you contribute to the future of PEMF science.

Within the scope of her activities in the last years is a cooperation with Slovenian notified body as an expert for sterilization and biocompatibility, as well as many companies from the field of Medical Devices. Marjetka is a Lead Auditor for the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, MDD 93/42/EEC and the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 for medical devices.

She is a founder of her own consulting company. She also holds lectures in relation to medical device safety and performance, what includes quality and regulatory requirements (ISO 13485, EU Regulation 2017/745, US Regulation 21 CFR 820, …). She is an active member in Technical Committee of Slovenian Institute for Standardization (Healthcare; SIST TC/VAZ), what enable her continuously developing of her expertise.