PEMF Study on 800 Participants

PEMF Study on 800 Participants - Neopemf 1

In January of 2021, Dr. Igor Jerman with the BION institute created a report for user experiences research on the effects of NeoRhythm, a PEMF device of customizable frequencies and intensities. 797 customers participated in the research.

In November 2019, MDCN TECH Ltd. launched the product “NeoRhythm” offering 7 different stimulation programs: Theta Meditation, Improve Sleep, Pain control, Improve Focus (Enhance Mental Capacity), Meditation for Calming, Deep Relaxation, and Energy & Vitality, and a list of individual frequencies, with a customizable intensity (0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 mT). Each program has its own regime, meaning the device emits corresponding dominant and accompanying frequencies, has a recommended location of use, and a determined session time.

According to the results, the most used programs were Enhance Mental Capacity and Improve Sleep. Additionally, the findings showed that in many of the programs the frequency of use was correlated to the satisfaction level. Meaning, that the more often people used the programs, the more they were satisfied with them.

For instance, for the Enhance Mental Capacity program, the graph shows that the most satisfied users tend to be those using the program “Few times per day”, following those using it “Once per day” and “Few times per week”. We can easily observe a trend with high fidelity (R2= 0.96), namely, the ones using the program more often, tend to be more satisfied.

Deep Relaxation program was used by the female population significantly more (60% of respondents), than in the male population (50% of respondents). Furthermore, a highly significant difference was seen in using the pain control program comparing genders. It was used by more than 50% of females and approximately 36% of males.
Data regarding the Improve Sleep program shows an interesting phenomenon. There is a large portion of people who are satisfied and a quite big portion of those who were dissatisfied (in comparison to ratios for other programs). The amount of those who were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied is quite small, slightly above ¼. It can be concluded that participants using the Improve sleep program were more likely to have a more pronounced experience with it (they were either satisfied or not, but not in the middle). A similar occurrence can be seen in Deep Relaxation program.
We consider “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” as tilted towards dissatisfaction rather than satisfaction. Nevertheless, the results unequivocally show the respondents are in general more satisfied than dissatisfied with using the programs. The satisfaction rate will be further discussed in the following sections of the report.


Of 797 participants, by far the greatest percentage were from the United States of America. Together with Canada, they approached ½. Most of the 5 age groups mentioned in the first segment, were between 46 and 55 years old and the least above 66 years old. ¾ of the participants were males and ¼ were females. Most of the participants were using Enhance Mental Capacity program and Improve Sleep program.
Females were significantly more frequent users of the Pain Control program and Deep Relaxation program. All the other programs were used evenly by both genders.
Programs that showed the best results in the sense of the highest number of satisfied and completely-satisfied users were Improve sleep and Deep Relaxation programs. However, here the percentage of dissatisfied users was the biggest. The least dissatisfied were people using meditational programs.


  • BION Institute: Report For User Experiences’ Research Of The Effects Of Neorhythm Programs: General (All), And Special Reports For Improve Sleep, Enhance Mental Capacity, And Deep Relaxation Programs


NeoRhythm has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. Always consult your medical doctor regarding any health concerns.

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